Thursday, November 16, 2017

World Quality Day 2017 Celebrated at Tods Aerospace & Tods Defence

World Quality Day is an annual event initiated by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) to promote and encourage the recognition of Quality achievements within Organisations worldwide. This year, the World Quality Day theme was “Everyday Leadership”; providing an opportunity to celebrate achievements and recognise those that demonstrate the leadership to sustain and improve business performance every day of the year.

To participate in World Quality Day 2017, Tods Aerospace & Tods Defence organised three activities to recognize employees with outstanding leadership.

Leadership Success Stories

Tods Aerospace and Tods Defence took the opportunity to recognize the hard work and efforts of employees who demonstrate effective leadership qualities and behaviours by stepping up to take charge and lead an activity with the aim of achieving a business objective. The leadership success story could have involved overcoming deadlines or other obstacles such as resource and budget constraints, as well as unforeseen and/or unplanned complications.

12 employees were recognised for “Leadership Success Stories” within Tods Aerospace & Tods Defence.  Copies of their Leadership Success Stories were displayed on designated World Quality Day 2017 Noticeboards at both of the Tods Aerospace facilities in Crewkerne, as well as the Tods Defence facility at Portland.

The twelve employees recognised for Leadership Success Stories, along with their current job roles and the Leadership Skill(s) they were recognised for were:

Employee Name:

Current Job Role:

Leadership Skill(s) Recognised:

Adrian Hussey

Operations Manager

Leadership Role Model

Julie Jones

Financial Controller

Ownership & Responsibility

Justin James

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

VML Project Management

Enrico Samori

NDT & Mat Lab Team Leader

Leadership Development

Verity Goodby

HR Business Partner

Leadership Coaching

Kim Clark

Supply Chain Manager

Conflict Resolution & Team Development

Ryan Stalker

Principal Manufacturing Engineer

RR Daytona Productionalisation

Stewart Sweet

Operations Team Leader

Leadership Development

Jerry Hull

Operations Team Leader

Project Leadership

Brian Honebon

Operations Manager

Leading ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 Audit

Simon Corner

BD Executive

Boeing Bid Coordination

Chris Palmer

Head of Manufacturing Engineer

TQ Reduction Project


Employees recognised for their “Leadership Success Stories” at Tods Aerospace - from Left; Chris Palmer, Adrian Hussey, Stewart Sweet, Enrico Samori, Jerry Hull, Simon Corner, Kim Clark, Verity Goodby, Justin James, and Julie Jones.

Employees recognised for their “Leadership Success Stories” at Tods Defence, from left; Brian Honebon and Ryan Stalker.

Effective Line Manager

Tods employees were given the opportunity to recognise the strengths of their Line Managers; including Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors. A World Quality Day voting area was set-up in the Employee Canteens for employees to submit their Line Manager recognition.

This was completed as an anonymous activity due to Company Line Managers having team sizes ranging between 1-30 employees across the Business. Employees were asked to answer the question “What Does Your Line Manager Do Well?”

A “winner” was selected from the Line Managers who had received “votes” based on the effective leadership skills that had been identified on the voting slips by their team members, as well as in recognition of the impact that their leadership style has had on the Organisation.

The Winner of the Award for Effective Leadership was Adam Smith from the Engineering Department. Adam received several votes regarding his effective leadership; demonstrating the ability to successfully manage multiple responsibilities required of his role as Engineering Manager/Head of Design, as well as offering continual leadership to his team members – coaching, mentoring, offering advice & support, and by being a good role model and leading by example.

Adam Smith – Winner of the Effective Line Manager Award as part of World Quality Day 2017

Significant Employee Contributions

Employees were also given the opportunit to recognise any other employee for a significant contribution to the Business. This was also completed as an anonymous activity; with no limits regarding how votes an employee could submit. Employees were recognised for significant contributions to the Business; recognised by any employee.

There were an incredible number of votes in this category – with a lot of employees being recognised for specific contributions, as well as some employees being recognised for regularly going “above & beyond” what is expected of them.

The Winner of this category; gaining the most votes of recognition for his significant contributions to the Business, was Dennis Holland in the Purchasing Department. The 2 x Runners-Up who also received a high quantity of votes in recognition of their significant contributions to the Business were Sam Parcell in the Manufacturing Engineering Department, and Gavin Tett for his work in both the Quality Department and the Assembly Department.

Following on from World Quality Day 2017 at Tods Aerospace & Defence, feedback will be provided to all Employees who received “votes” in either of the voted activities; in recognition of their strengths, contributions, and hard-work. Not only does this ensure that employees receive the positive feedback received from their colleagues, their Line Managers would be participating in a core Leadership activity whilst providing the feedback to their team members.

Dennis Holland from the Purchasing Department – Winner of the Significant Employee Contributions Category



A summary of the positive employee recognition will also be provided during the next planned internal Employee All-Hands Briefing in December 2017.The World Quality Day 2017 celebrations at Tods Aerospace & Tods Defence were organised by Dawn Williams, Quality Manager – who is focused on promoting employee engagement and team building throughout the 3 x facilities.

It is hoped that World Quality Day will be continued to be celebrated in future years; with the 2018 & 2019 dates already announced by the CQI.